Conditions of Occupancy

  1. Foreign researchers who are directly engaged in a research at "research organizations" such as national research institutes,national research and development agencies or incorporated administrative agencies, universities and public research institutions or private companies.
  2. The period of occupancy is from 15 days to 5 years for Ninomiya House.


Ninomiya House
  • Single room (for one person)
  • JPY 76,000/month
  • JPY 2,533/day
  • Twin room (for two persons)
  • JPY 100,000/month
  • JPY 3,334/day
Takezono House (Rental application for Takezono House is no longer accepted as of April 1st, 2022.)
  • Single room (for one person)
  • JPY 63,000/month
  • Twin room (for two persons)
  • JPY 86,000/month
  • Family room (for family)
  • JPY 106,000/month