Outreach Report: ImPACT Symposium “Bionic Humanoids Propelling New Industrial Revolution”

Our 1st symposium was held at The University of Tokyo on August 8, 2017.

The opening announce was made by Harada PM, Project Manager and the first part was started with the special talk by Dr. Kyuma, full-time executive member of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office, about Japan’s basic policies on science technology innovation and ImPACT program.
Then in the 1st invited talk, Mr. Tohyama, Director, Medical and Assistive Device Industries Office presented on METI’s policies on medical equipment industry. In the 2nd invited talk, Prof. Sakuma, Director, Medical Device Development and Regulation Research Center, explained problems on medical equipment review. These talks gave us deeper comprehension about domestic and international trend on medical equipment R&D and issues on the path to the market.

In the second part, Harada PM explained the program overview, and each project leader presented the current R&D progress and future plans.

In the third part, PM、PLs and Program Advisors were on the stage for the panel discussion. The lively discussion was thoroughly made on the prospective utilities and applications of Bionic Humanoids and Smart Arms, current problems of quantitative corresponding to doctor’s sensual expression, and expectations of the program achievement.

The prototype exhibition and poster presentation at foyer provided an opportunity for the participants to experience our R&D progress and achievements and exchange the updated information.

  • A scene of symposium

  • Part 1 Special Talk: Dr. Kyuma

  • Part 1 Invited Talk 1: Mr. Tohyama

  • Part 1 Invited Talk 2: Prof. Sakuma

  • Part 2 Overview: Harada PM

  • Part 3 Panel Discussion

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.1 Eye surgical model “Bionic-EyE”

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.1 Bionic Humanoid Vascular model

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.1 Brain model

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.1 Endonasal surgical model

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.1 Sensors

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.1 Skull module

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.2 Smart Arms

  • Prototype Exhibition: PJ.2 Sensors

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.3 iRis 3DCG Brain Simulator

  • Prototype Exhibition: Pj.4 Pain Sensing Dummy

  • Poster Presentation

  • Poster Presentation