-Let’s run this road of our belief-


Life is a chemical system. The objective of Life Science-Catalysis Project is to promote human health based on "artificial life" created by chemistry. Driven by interactive fusion between chemistry and biology, we will create a brand new intellectual source for life science and medicine that will designate a mainstream lasting for 100 years. Let’s run this road of our belief!


Two-way strategy toward benefiting human life and health; making hardware (= molecules) and software (= order) of life
Catalysis Group To develop new catalysts that exhibit new activation mode, realizing concise, robust, and clean synthesis of complex drug leads. Change the retrosynthesis!
Medicinal Function Group To design and develop new drug leads unrestricted by molecular structural complexity. Borderless drug design and synthesis!
Catalysis Medicine Group
(Chem and Bio)
To develop artificial catalytic systems that can promote selective chemical reactions in cells leading to artificial pseudo-life system. To establish new concept of medicine or curing disease by using the artificial pseudo-life system. The fourth paradigm in medicine!