Design UI Project

Designing Custommade Metallophone with Concurrent Eigenanalysis

Nobuyuki Umetani, Kenshi Takayama, Jun Mitani, and Takeo Igarashi


We introduce an interactive interface for the custom design of metallophones. The shape of each plate must be determined in the design process so that the metallophone will produce the proper tone when struck with a mallet. Unfortunately, the relationship between plate shape and tone is complex, which makes it dicult to design plates with arbitrary shapes. Our system addresses this problem by running a concurrent numerical eigenanalysis during interactive geometry editing. It continuously presents a predicted tone to the user with both visual and audio feedback, thus making it possible to design a plate with any desired shape and tone. We developed this system to demonstrate the e ectiveness of integrating real-time nite element method analysis into geometric editing to facilitate the design of custom-made musical instruments. An informal study demonstrated the ability of technically unsophisticated user to apply the system to complex metallophone design.


Nobuyuki Umetani, Jun Mitani, Takeo Igarashi and Kenshi Takayama,
Designing Custommade Metallophone with Concurrent Eigenanalysis,
New Interfaces for Musical Expression++ (NIME++), Australia, 15-18th June, 2010.    PDF



  • Miraikan Yokan-Kenkyusho 3 (Presentiment laboratory 3), May 1-5, 2010.
  • Miraikan "Fun Club Week", March 13-22, 2010.

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