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Research Supervisor
Prof. Masahiro Irie Masahiro Irie
Professor Emeritus
Kyushu University

Outline of Research Area

   For efficient, flexible development of next-generation nanosystems, the effective linkage of top-down and bottom-up processes is essential. This research area aims at exploring how to connect molecular nano-structures and functions to structures and functions of macroscopic materials and creating self-sustained and high-performance nano-structural materials with unique structures and functions that can be achieved only by the bottom-up processes.
At the molecular and supra-molecular levels, minute molecular machines, molecular motors and artificial muscles have been reported, and their specific functions have been discussed.   However, we have not yet succeeded in linking these nano-structural materials to the structures and functions of useful macroscopic materials through self-organization and self-assembly processes.
  What is most desired for the development of molecular or solid catalysts is that the catalysts should not only be prepared by elaborated molecular and structure design but also be systematically constructed by self-organization and self-assembly processes to realize sophisticated functions not existing before, such as one-pot synthesis of multi-step reactions.
   Molecular materials have the potential transforming themselves into any required figure in different ways due to their diversity. With a focus on this potential, the objective of this research area is to pave the way for linking the sophisticated structures and functions already realized at the molecular level (e.g. chemical or physical stimulus responsive properties, catalytic properties, electrical conductivity and magnetism) by using the bottom-up processes to useful materials in a real world and to create self-sustaining and high-performance nano-structural materials having unique functions.

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