Creation of the Metal-Organic Hybrid Protonics and Functional Nano-Layer Integrated System

Hiroshi Kitagawa
Kyoto University
Department of Chemistry ,Graduate School of Science

Ultra-high brilliant synchrotron radiation analysis and control station for functional interfaces

Masaharu Oshima
The University of Tokyo
Department of Applied Chemistry, Chairman School of Engineering

Interfacial Device Physics for Oxide-and Organic-Electronics

Masashi Kawasaki
Tohoku University
Institute for Materials Research

Catalyst design of gold clusters through junction effect with metal oxides, carbons, and polymers

Masatake Haruta
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Department of Applied Chemistry Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

Creation of functional organosilica hybrid materials with highly ordered nano-structure

Shinji Inagaki
Toyota Central R&D labs., Inc.
Program Manager,Nanospace-utilized Materials Program
Frontier Research Center
Principal Researcher