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  • Policy for Application collection, Screening and Research Area management by the Research Supervisor
  • FY 2008, Strategic Sector
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Principle Investigators, Research Themes
  • FY 2008
    • Elucidation of the pathogenic mechanisms of allergic and autoimmune diseases and development of new therapeutics targeted on IL-17 family molecules and C-type lectin recepors.
    • Conquest of mucosal immune disorders on the basis of dendritic cell regulation
    • Novel immunotherapies exploiting inhibitory mechanisms of immunoreceptors
    • Engulfment and degradation of apoptotic cells, and its failure
    • Mechanis of organ specific inflammatory/autoimmune diseases and the development of its control approach
    • A novel strategy for treatment of immune-related disorders by using cytoskeleton regulating signals as targets
    • Reprograming of immune system by modulation of intracellular signal transduction

  • FY 2009
    • Regulation of immune response and infection by targeting paired receptors.
    • Identification of new therapeutic targets by genetic dissection and reconstitution of autoimmune diseases in mice.
    • Novel mechanisms of allergy and its regulation
    • Disregulated of immune-cell trafficking signaling and development of autoimmunity
    • Development of a novel way to treat autoimmune disease by regulating humoral immune systems
    • Analysis of the regulatory mechanisms that underlie nucleic acid-mediated immune responses and its development into therapeutic strategies against immune disorders

  • FY 2010
    • Control of allergic diseases by regulation of human mast cell activation
    • Development of a new strategy targeting innate immunity for treatment of intestinal immune disorders
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