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Research Supervisor, Research Advisers

Research Supervisor

Dr. Kazuo Sugamura Chief Director, Miyagi Prefectural Hospital Organization

Message from Research Supervisor

Leading into the 21st century, the Japanese Government has placed allergic and autoimmune disorders as a priority area of research and an important human disease focus area. Despite tremendous progress in the field of Immunological research and advances in biotechnology, there are still no effective therapeutic strategies for many immunological diseases.
Our CREST project was created to establish etiologic mechanisms and therapeutic strategies for immunological diseases which are regulated by multiple factors. The project focuses on the identification and analysis of specific genes and proteins which control positive and negative regulatory elements of the immune system.
The previously concluded CREST project entitled "Translational research for intractable immune disorders and infectious diseases" (governed by Professor Tadamitsu Kishimoto) lead to a number of fundamental and breakthrough studies here in Japan. These studies were recognized to be at the top tier level of achievement on the world stage. The successful accomplishments in Prof. Kishimoto's CREST project should be further developed and this new CREST project it is envisioned will also yield novel research seeds and critical discoveries in resolving many of the immunological problems we face.

Research Advisers

Saito, Takashi RIKEN Yokohama Institute Research Center for Allergy and Immuinology Laboratory for Cell Signaling Group Director
Sakaguchi, Shimon Osaka University Professor
Sasaki, Takashi NTT East Tohoku Hospital - Director
Shibuya, Kazuko University of Tsukuba Institute of Basic Medical Sciences Associate Professor
Takatsu, Kiyoshi Toyama Prefectural Institute for Pharmaceutical Science University of Toyama Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science President Professor
Tokuhisa, Takeshi Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine Professor
Nose, Masato Ehime University - Professor Emeritus
Hanai, Nobuo Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., LTD. - President
Miyasaka, Nobuyuki Tokyo Medical and Dental University Department of Medicine and Rheumatology Professor