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irs CREST DVLSI HOME Presented slides held on December 1, 2012

Presented slides on the 1st JST International Symposium on Dependable VLSI Systems 2012 have been released. ...Program

Opening remarks by the research supervisor
"Title"- Name- Affiliation download
uOpening remarkas on the 1st JST International Symposium on Dependable VLSI Systems 2012v
Research Supervisor Dr. Shojiro Asai
Rigaku Corporation Vice President
PDF 257kB

Slides of the invited presentor (the order of presentation)
"Title"- Name- Affiliation download
"Dependability Challenges at Device and Circuit Level"
Dr. Sani Nassif
IBM Research
PDF 2,561kB
"Robust System Design: Overcoming Complexity and Reliability Challenges"
Prof. Subhasish Mitra
Stanford University
PDF 20,676kB
"Challenges to develop highly reliable HPC systems"
Dr. Koichiro Takayama
Fujitsu Laboratories
PDF 3,685kB
"The Variability Expeditions: Exploring the Software Stack for Underdesigned Computing Machines"
Prof. Rajesh Gupta
University of California, San Diego
PDF ***kB
"Dependable Embedded Systems - The SPP 1500 Research Program"
Prof. Jorg Henkel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
PDF 6,788kB

Slides of the invited panelists (the order of presentation)
"Title"- Name- Affiliation download
"Reflections on Reliability Exchanges and Actors"
Dr. Dan Alexandrescu
iRoC Technologies
PDF 1,115kB
"Challenges in hardware dependability of large and complex systems"
Prof. Bhargab Bikram Bhattacharya
Indian Statistical Institute
PDF ***kB
"Cooperation between Riscure and Academia"
Dr. Bartek Gedrojc
PDF ***kB
"Tward Cross-Layer Optimization for Dependable Systems"
Prof. Ken Takeuchi
Chuo University
PDF ***kB
"Humanistic Intelligence: Neural Network and Multiprocessor for fast Object Recognition"
Prof. Hoi-Jun Yoo
PDF ***kB

Slides of the team's introduction (the order of presentation)
"Title"- Name- Affiliation download
"Dependable VLSI Platform using Robust Fabrics"
Prof. Hidetoshi Onodera
Kyoto University
PDF 6,131kB
"Ultra Dependable VLSI by Collaboration of Formal Verifications and Architectural Technologies"
Prof. Masahiro Fujita
The University of Tokyo
PDF 724kB
"Development of Dependable Wireless System and Device"
Prof. Kazuo Tsubouchi
Tohoku University
PDF 1,388kB
"Modeling, Detection, Correction and Recovery Techniques for Unified Dependable Design"
Prof. Hiroto Yasuura
Kyushu University
PDF 2,053kB
"Development of 3D-VLSI System with Self-Test and Self-Repair Function"
Prof. Mitsumasa Koyanagi
Tohoku University
PDF 304kB
"Mechanism of circuits and systems for high reliability on field"
Prof. Seiji Kajihara
The Kyushu Institute of Technology
PDF 5,619kB
"Dependable Memory Techniques for Highly Reliable VLSI System"
Prof. Masahiko Yoshimoto
Kobe University
PDF 226kB
"Development of Dependable Network-on-Chip Platform"
Prof. Tomohiro Yoneda
The National Institute of Informatics
PDF 1,592kB
"Dependable Wireless Solid-State Drive (SSD)"
Prof. Ken Takeuchi
Chuo University
PDF 870kB
"The Design and Evaluation Methodology of Dependable VLSI for Tamper Resistance"
Prof. Takeshi Fujino
Ritsumeikan University
PDF 2,175kB
"Fundamental Technology on Dependable SoC and SiP for Embedded Real-Time Systems"
Associate Prof. Nobuyuki Yamasaki
Keio University
PDF 3,061kB

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