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RISTEX press seminar on forensic interviews was held by Prof. Makiko Naka, Principal Investigator

The seminar on forensic interviews was held for the press at Ritsumeikan University on May 10, 2018, with the cooperation of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). During the seminar, entitled “Usability and necessity of forensic interviews—From 10 years of research activities,” Prof. Makiko Naka (Ritsumeikan University) talked about her 10 years of work, including seven years working on the R&D project* under the RISTEX.

Forensic interviews require techniques which successfully elicit accurate testimony from children who witness or are affected by abuse, a sexual crime, or bullying, while minimizing the burden on children as much as possible. Prof. Naka has been tackling research on interviewing techniques based on scientific grounds and development of training programs that promote multidisciplinary collaboration.

The press seminar provided an overview of forensic interviewing techniques, which are developed based on psychological research on children’s recognition, memory, and testimony. Following this, it covered the effectiveness of training, and discussed the current situation and issues of forensic interviewing in Japan. Prof. Naka has contributed to the dissemination of forensic interviews by leading training with cumulative participation by 8,000 practitioners of law and welfare over a period of 10 years. In the Q&A section, hope was expressed for a new approach to forensic interview techniques, such as use of techniques for investigation of bullying at educational sites.

【Press Seminar Outline】

Title: Usability and necessity of forensic interviews—From 10 years of research activities Contents



Prof. Naka

Director Tsuda (left), Prof. Naka (right)


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