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November 17-18, 2014
Venue: Beijing, China

JST-MOST Joint Workshop on Japanese-Chinese Research Cooperative Projects
in the Field of Highly-efficient Energy Utilization

JST's Department of International Affairs held a workshop in Beijing on 17-18 November, with and the Ministry of Science and Technology, China (MOST) in the field of highly-efficient energy utilization. Japanese and Chinese researchers, whose projects were adopted for JST's Strategic International Collaborative Research Program on the research field in FY 2013, made their presentations in this meeting, and introduced the latest progress of the 5 joint research projects. JST and MOST established the Promotion Committee to promote the joint projects and to evaluate their progress. In this meeting, the co-chairs and research advisers of this Committee also advised and made constructive comments to aid the progress of each joint project.

Approximately 40 participants took part in the workshop, exchanging various views on their activities and furthering their knowledge of the status of studies in the field of highly-efficient energy utilization in both countries. Currently, we are faced with the urgent task of finding solutions to the many issues associated with "Energy", which is a task that many other countries are also facing. Researchers therefore discussed pressing issues facing both countries, practical application of their research outcomes and the new cooperation with enterprises in the research field. The next day, Japanese researchers visited the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of CAS.

Through this workshop, JST and MOST expect that Science and Technology Exchange between Japan and China will be further deepened.

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