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July 15-17, 2013
Venue : São Paulo, Brazil

President Nakamura's Visit to São Paulo, Brazil

President Nakamura visited São Paulo, Brazil, between July 15(Mon) and 17 (Wed). During his stay, he paid a visit to R&D related institutions and discussed with the concerned parties.

Upon his visit to São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), he was welcomed by President Celso Lafer and discussed how to accelerate collaboration between the two organisations. Nakamura also visited Latin America Office of German Research Foundation (DFG), a long-time partner of JST, where he exchanged views with Dr. Cornelia Huelsz Müller on effective ways to collaborate with Brazil as well as the entire Latin America in the field of Science and Technology.

To investigate the research trend in the country, Nakamura visited Butantan Institute, a well-known research institute in developing vaccines and antitoxins. He also visited the other state-of-the-art research facilities such as Department of Biological Sciencese of São Paulo University, the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, the only synchrotron in South America, and the Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory.

In addition to the meetings with counterpart organisations and research facilities, Nakamura exchanged views to perceive the overall situation of Brazil with Mr. Noriteru Fukushima, Consul General of Japan in São Paulo, Mr. Fujiyoshi Hirata, Secretary General of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil. To understand how Japanese companies are conducting R&D in Brazil, Nakamura also met with people from Japanese private companies in Brazil and had a very lively discussion.

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