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The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting on MEXT "FUTURE-PV Innovation" Project

 On February 2nd 2013, the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting on "FUTURE-PV Innovation” Project was held at Tokyo Headquarters of JST.

 The meeting was began with speeches given by Makoto Konagai, Research Director, Takeshi Imamura, Deputy Director of MEXT and Shinichi Kawarada, Senior Director of JST. In the presentation session, which was chaired by Research Manager, Toshio Hama, each research teams provided progress reports on their ongoing researches and research plans of the next fiscal year. Following these presentations, Michio Kondo, Director of AIST delivered a speech. He mentioned that AIST will work together with us to archive the goal of this project and also reported recent AIST's work on establishing the united center for renewable energy research in Koriyama city, Fukushima. The research center will be opened in fiscal 2013.

 Not only research members but also advisory committee members participated in this meeting. The number of participants of this meeting was 58. The meeting provided a place to exchange ideas on way to accelerate innovative R&D for this project.

Conference    Photo of Participants