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Solar Cell workshop for junior high students

Solar Cell Workshop  [Leaflet]
Solar Cell Workshop

Solar Cell workshop for junior high students was held at Koriyama children’s center “Niko-Niko Kodomo-Kan” on September 7th, 2013 jointly sponsored by Koriyama City Board of Education and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). 43 students of 28 junior high school and 15 elementally school students attended. This well exceeded our expectations of attendees in number.

The workshop started with a lecture by Prof. Konagai, Research Director of MEXT "FUTURE-PV Innovation" project on history of solar cells invention, its benefits and target of its research recently and the project. This was followed by 3 solar cells live experience sessions of which corners the children went through in 3 groups in a rotating manner.

In the experimentation zone to learn the relation between color of light and photovoltaic generation, children observed that even the invisible infrared light can generate electricity on solar cells made of crystal silicons. In the talk zone with researchers, they enjoyed a demonstration that the speed of the mini-fan connected with the solar cell was slowing down as the light spotted on solar cell panel was decreasing. In the hand-craft corner, they assembled minutia solar cars that can run by the light.

Although these experiments and demonstrations were not carried out in the sun light due to cloudy weather, children were able to learn sun light characteristics and how it can be utilized among other possibly difficult scientific topics they learned for the first time and were well motivated to explore the way to make use of the light source effectively.

In the closing session ”Certificate of Future Doctor's Degree” was individually handed to children by Prof. Konagai. Young scientists were pleased with an embarrassing surprise. Children and attendees of Koriyama City Board of Education expressed a hope that this workshop will come back next year and that a tour of the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute will be offered to the public. This event was successfully over.

JST will plan opportunities to hear public voices so as to promote more understanding of this project and continue to support such activities to inspire children who will lead the science and technological fields for the future of Japan.

Experimentation zone to learn the relation between color of light and photovoltaic generation
The talk zone with researchers
The hand-craft corner