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Technical terms

(1) Network Brain Machine Interface.
Brain Machine Interface (BMI) is a kind of man-machine interface. BMI are interfaces that detect neural activity in the brain and send the data to a computer. Conversely, we newly define the term, "Network Brain Machine Interface", as BMI that make use of the internet while utilizing the neural activity of the brain to control a machine via a computer over the internet anywhere in the world.

(2) Degrees of freedom.
This refers to number of possible joints that can be moved.

CBi has 51 degrees of freedom, they are:
- 2 x 7 DOFs arms;
- 2 x 7 DOFs legs;
- 1 x 3 DOFs torso;
- 1 x 3 DOFs neck;
- 2 x 2 DOFs eyes;
- 2 x 6 DOFs hands;
- 1 x 1 DOF mouth;