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Open Seminar

The 6th Science Seminar

The 6th Science seminar

Speaker:Prof. Junichi Kato

Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University

Venue:University of Tsukuba

  Advanced Research A110


top_img Microbial communities demonstrate a wealth of behavior in response to environmental stimuli due to the variety of and interactions between microbes in these communities. Furthermore, they have a significant impact on human life and well-being, highlighting the need for innovative technologies to control microbial community development.

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Setp 11, 2017
We will hold The 6th Science Seminar at University of Tsukuba.
Setp 10, 2017
We are going to join following event.
BioJapan2017 (Oct 11 - 13) Exhibition "Interdisciplinary research towards understanding and controlling microbes"
scienceAGORA (Nov 25) Seminar by Research Director/Prof. Nomura
Aug 31 - Sept 1, 2017
We attended JST Fair 2017. See also Event page
June 20,2017
ERATO NOMURA Project : The 3rd Innovation Seminar was held.
June 18,2017
Our project's group, Takeshita (et al.) appeared on Nikkei Newspaper. Please see Achievement page.
May 16, 2017
Our project's group, Takeshita (et al.) has published new paper. Please see Achievement page.
April 3, 2017

Our Project's Outreach events will be held.

Panel exhibition: May 14 (Sun) - May 26 (Fri)

Speech: May 20(Sat) 1:00p.m.

Venuer: University of Tsukuba Satellite Office,Bivi Tsukuba 2F at Tsukuba Center

April 3, 2017
New groups and members are added to this project. Please see Members page.
March 4, 2017
Our project's group, Toyofuku (et al.) has published new paper. Please see Achievement page.
Feb 8,2017
ERATO NOMURA Project : The 4th Science Seminar was held.
Jan 16,2017
The 31th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Biofilm Research will be held in Tsukuba University. Prof. Nomura, our Research Director, serves as chairman of the annual meeting. We look forward to your attendance at the meeting.
Jan 6,2017
We have an opening for Post doctoral position.
Please check details in the new Job Opportunity page and join our project!
Jan 1,2017
Thank you for your support with our project and happy new year! We would appreciate your continued cooperation.