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Major Accomplishments

Major Accomplishments

Over more than half a century since the launch of the Technology Transfer Program in 1958, a diverse range of groundbreaking new technologies have been transferred from academia to the marketplace and the industrial sector. Fields have included resources and energy, medicine and welfare, transport and construction, and a range of manufacturing technologies.

One of the most celebrated of these technologies is the gallium nitride (GaN) blue light-emitting diode (LED), which was developed by Professor Isamu Akasaki and his research team at Nagoya University in the late-1980s. The blue LED was subsequently further developed and commercialized by Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., and other companies.

The development of the blue LED meant that all three of the additive primary colors—red, green and blue—had been achieved using LED technology. This was a major breakthrough because it enabled the development of full-color LED-based projection and display systems. LED technologies have already been adopted across a wide array of applications, from display elements used in consumer electronics and measurement instruments to the display backlights of mobile phones and in large-scale illuminated signs and display screens.

Timeline of Tech Transfer History

Timeline of  Tech Transfer History

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