Sound greenase Inc. (Japanese Only) LinkBIO Co. Ltd. Vetanic Inc. Genics Co., Ltd. 396bio, Inc. POTSTILL CO., Ltd. PtBio, Inc WillBooster Inc. Photonic Edge Inc. Sonic Arc Co., Ltd. Osterenatos Co. Ltd. Emulsion Flow Technologies Ltd.

* Listed by the month and year of establishment.
* As of July. 2021

Life Science

  • Full-automatic Toothbrush
    - Perfect dental brushing for everyone -

    Genics Co., Ltd.

    Founded 2018

    Waseda University

  • Contribute to people's health through
    regenerative medicine.

    Osterenatos Co. Ltd.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    Tohoku University

  • Find your Blue Ocean with
    Genome Editing Technology

    PtBio, Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    Hiroshima University

  • We create innovative technologies accelerating
    microbial and cellular material production

    396bio, Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    University of Shizuoka

  • Sound Co., Ltd(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    Kyushu University

  • Our Separation Technology Accelerates
    Your Drug Discovery

    LinkBIO Co. Ltd.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    The University of Tokyo

  • Veterinary Regenerative Medicine
    〜 More lives can be saved 〜

    Vetanic Inc.

    Founded 2021

    Nihon University


  • Removal of Heavy Metal from Water & Soil
    By Smart Gel

    Gel Technology Research Ltd.

    Founded 2019

    Hiroshima University

  • Connecting our Limited Resources of Rare Metals
    to the Future

    Emulsion Flow Technologies Ltd.

    Founded 2021

    Japan Atomic Energy Agency


  • Make the future where everyone lives motivationally

    WillBooster Inc.

    Founded 2018

    National Institute of Informatics

  • Photonic Edge Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    Gifu University

  • With super directional acoustic technology
    Create a noise-free society

    Sonic Arc Corporation.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    Ritsumeikan University


  • Bring the whole ingredients with vegetable powder
    from farm

    greenase Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2018

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


  • For Better Relationship
    between Human and Intellectual Artifacts

    POTSTILL CO., Ltd.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    Nagoya University