Sound greenase Inc. (Japanese Only) LinkBIO Co. Ltd. Vetanic Inc. Genics Co., Ltd. 396bio, Inc. PtBio, Inc WillBooster Inc. Photonic Edge Inc. Sonic Arc Co., Ltd. Osterenatos Co. Ltd.

* Listed by the month and year of establishment.
* As of Jan. 2021

Life Science

  • Full-automatic Toothbrush
    - Perfect dental brushing for everyone -

    Genics Co., Ltd.

    Founded 2018

    Waseda University

  • Contribute to people's health through
    regenerative medicine.

    Osterenatos Co. Ltd.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    Tohoku University

  • Find your Blue Ocean with
    Genome Editing Technology

    PtBio, Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    Hiroshima University

  • We create innovative technologies accelerating
    microbial and cellular material production

    396bio, Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    University of Shizuoka

  • Sound Co., Ltd(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    Kyushu University

  • Veterinary Regenerative Medicine
    〜 More lives can be saved 〜

    Vetanic Inc.

    Founded 2020

    Nihon University

  • Our Separation Technology Accelerates
    Your Drug Discovery

    LinkBIO Co. Ltd.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    The University of Tokyo


  • Removal of Heavy Metal from Water & Soil
    By Smart Gel

    Gel Technology Research Ltd.

    Founded 2019

    Hiroshima University


  • Make the future where everyone lives motivationally

    WillBooster Inc.

    Founded 2018

    National Institute of Informatics

  • Photonic Edge Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2019

    Gifu University

  • With super directional acoustic technology
    Create a noise-free society

    Sonic Arc Corporation.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2020

    Ritsumeikan University


  • Bring the whole ingredients with vegetable powder
    from farm

    greenase Inc.(Japanese only)

    Founded 2018

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology