開催概要 Exhibition Information


  • 日時: 2015年11月13日(金)、14日(土)、15日(日)10時~17時
  • Date: Fri 13, Sat 14, Sun 15 November, 2015 10:00-17:00


サイエンスアゴラ 2015(10周年記念年次総会)の開催にあたって

科学技術振興機構は多様な科学コミュニティと連携し、今年も日本最大級の科学イベント サイエンスアゴラ 2015(10周年記念次総会)を開催いたします。

Call for proposals to the 10th anniversary Science Agora 2015In this November, Japan Science and Technology Agency hosts Science Agora (Science Agora 2015), which is the biggest general science event in Japan together with wide range of stakeholders in science.


This year is the 10th anniversary for Science Agora, which started in 2006. In these 10 years, we have experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake and had many opportunities to rethink relationships between science and society, and yet the stakeholders in science (scientists, business people, policymakers, media people and general public) are still working in each silo and have insufficient concern for each other. How can we build future society with science? A foundation for interactive activities by dialogue, working together and making decisions as independent self-motivated activities have not been matured yet. The reality arise our sense of danger and this is the reason we definitely need an occasion like Science Agora.


In modern society with science, there are many people who have compelling motivations for their actions. How can we recover our society struck by earthquake? How can we maintain resources, foods and energies in a sustainable way? How can we overcome social burden of a low birth rate and an aging population? How can we adapt to and mitigate global warming and infectious disease? How can we configure future education? We would witness various activities striving after better society in which diverse people work together. These collaborative activities breaking the silos are really encouraging.


Therefore, in 2015, we decided to pay much stronger attention to “activities being actually taken” than ever before.


We would like to develop Science Agora as an arena for people on the move to get together and exchange ideas, sympathies, and become partners for the development of each of their activities. Furthermore, these activities presented at Science Agora would engage or inspire people to take their own actions activities.


We are waiting for your proposals to Science Agora 2015 so that we can share your activities. Your activities can visualize the very current status of science and society. We need genuine experience getting bigger value throughout mutual learning from each activity. We are eager to learn from you.


The organizers have ambitions to make Science Agora as a fountain of values for society. We are looking forward to seeing you in Odaiba in this November.

理事長 濵口道成

Michinari Hamaguchi
President, Japan Science and Technology Agency


Venue:Odaiba area, Tokyo








The issues in Science Agora 2015 Science Agora 2015 sets issues as follows. Those are hot topics of 2015 based on the perception of the times.

「ひかり」を通して見る人類の歩みと未来 ~原始から原子まで~


The on-going evolution of humanities in view of the “Light”- From primitive age to atomic era - This is the International Year of Light (IYL) proclaimed by the UN General Assembly 68th Session. We could obtain new sight looking back the progress of humankind through “Light”. In primitive age, fire torch in dark granted power to humankind. People have utilized “Light” in the fields of astronomy, telecommunication, new energy as well as art and experienced joys and sorrows.
Let us consider our future through "Light". We call for activities presenting new perspectives in our society.



Shall we discuss "Cyber-society" ?How does the “Cyber-society” we are facing look like? Our daily life is inevitably affected by technology developments. We are forced to make decisions on how we would like to reform our industries, societal systems, and livelihoods.
This year, National Identification Number will be granted to each citizen of Japan, so it is a right time to discuss and take our collaborative actions with the perspective of Cyber-society. We call for activities looking ahead of a structural transformation of our society with insightful ideas or philosophies.

2020年の社会をつくる ~第5期科学技術基本計画の目指すもの~


Building our society 2020 - The destination of the 5th S&T basic plan - How will the society in 2020 look like? Shall we think about situations (e.g. recovery from earthquake disaster, Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, etc.) in Japan in 5 years' time?
Next year, the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan for FY2016 to FY2020 will be adopted in a Cabinet meeting. This year is the right time to call for various activities committed to build a new society with science under the significant globalization and the dramatic advancement of science and technology.