The following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Please make use of them before and when coming to the venue.

Coming to Science Agora

  • Is the participation fee free?
  • Basically, it is free. However, some programs may ask for donations to cover the actual cost of materials. If you come to see the permanent exhibition at Miraikan, a separate admission fee is required.
  • Outline

Programs in Science Agora

  • Are the programs different on different days?
  • Yes. As the exhibition time will vary according to each contributor, the programs will change on the respective days. For more details, please check the individual program pages
  • Introduction of programs
  • There are programs that I would like to participate in but I cannot remember all the places and names.
  • On the day of each program, we will distribute the booklet at the reception desk at the entrance to the venue. The booklet can be downloaded from this site in advance. This site is also optimized for smartphones and tablets, so please access the site as needed.
  • Regarding the programs with an advance application, I would like to know the deadline for starting to accept applications and the method of selection (first-come and first-served basis/drawing).
  • Management of the advance application will be done by each contributor.

Guide to the Science Agora venues

  • Is it fine to talk with contributors and exchange business cards in the venue?
  • Yes. The secretariat actively recommends exchanges between visitors and contributors. Please feel free to talk to the contributors at the venue.
  • What should I do if I lose something or get lost?
  • The information booth at the entrance to each venue can answer your questions.
  • Guide for each venue is here
  • Where can I the ballot/entry form for the Visitors’ Special Prize?
  • It is distributed at general reception and the information booth in each venue.
  • Guide for each venue is here
  • Will souvenirs be sold?
  • The Science Market by some of the contributors will be held from 12:00–1:30 p.m. on both days.
  • Guide for each venue is here
  • Where can I buy drinks and food?
  • Please use the catering car near Miraikan (outdoor mobile sales vehicle), 5F (café), and 7F (observatory lounge) of Miraikan, and 5F of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (restaurant). There are also restaurants near the venues, Telecom Center Building, and the SOHO.
  • Guide for each venue is here
  • Is there any place to eat?
  • There is a lounge available on 1F of Miraikan. You can also bring your own drink and food to the restaurant on 5F of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center (not allowed in some hours). For more details, please see the guide for the resting spots.
  • Guide for each venue is here

Exhibition in Science Agora

  • Please tell me about the exhibition in Science Agora.
  • Regarding the contribution to Science Agora, please see the information pages for contributors. The instructions on the application, timeline from the decision on exhibition for the dates of Science Agora, and other information are posted.
  • Information for contributors

Science Agora’s activities


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