Science Agora 2019


  • Date:November 15 (Friday) - November 17 (Sunday), 2019


Symbol Promenade Park (West Promenade)
(2-3 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Details of venues and access


Free of charge (except for actual cost of materials)

Vison and Themes of Science Agora 2019


The vision sets forth the long-term objective that we wish to make through the Science Agora.

A future woven through dialogue between science & daily life

Science and technology have developed in parallel with wealth and power in the 20th century. However, in the face of limited resources on Earth and growing strain on the world, we are now beginning to see the limitations of science and technology. In particular, as we make the transition from a growth society into a mature society, the Japan of today is confronted by many problems and it has become extremely difficult to see ahead into the future. In such a Japan, it is important for the relevant stakeholders to create a space where they can come together to consider the future of science and society, respect the views of others, and create a future. We hope to foster such a culture. Furthermore, there are diverse attitudes and approaches depending on the country/region and culture, and we hope to explore methods that are unique to Japan.

[Key points]

①We not only placed the emphasis on “creating a space,” but also on having the approach of having everyone put their heads together to create a future society.

②The concept embedded in “daily life”: In addition to placing the focus on the daily lives and ways of life of each individual, close to their heart, this approach also considers society as a whole.

③The concept embedded in “weaving”: The importance of exploring methods that are unique to Japan for the creation of a future society has been incorporated into this concept. We call to mind the image of spinning thread a process of creating harmony in the sense of bringing thin and short, disjointed fibers closer together, and gradually building up and creating something meaningful rather than taking a single leap all at once.

Themes of Science Agora2019

Human   in the New Age -What kind of future will we live in?-

How do you want to live in the future, when there will be further development of science and technology? What will the necessary technologies be for an ideal future? What humanity can we not entrust machines and new technology to?
Science Agora 2019 will provide an opportunity for consideration from various viewpoints of what it means humanity, what you want to choose, and how we want to use the things in front of us.

Fiyer of Science Agora 2019

Fiyer of Science Agora 2019


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