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JST-DFG workshop on Nanoelectronics

Date: 18th-20th, January, 2010
Place: Physikzentrum Bad Honnef ( PBH )
Sponsor: JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency :
DFG(Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft : )

18th, January
9:00- Welcome
9:00- 9:10  Iris Wieczorek, Director, DFG Tokyo Office
9:10- 9:20  Akira Takamatsu, Executive Director, JST

9:20-9:50  "Optical excitation transfer via optical near-field interactions: devices and characterizations"
By Christoph Lienau, Motoichi Ohtsu
9:50-10:20  "Computational design and evaluation of spintronics materials"
By Daniel Wortmann, Tomoya Ono
10:20-10:50  "Electronic Bistable Recording Media for Scanning Multiprobe based Ultrahigh-Density Data Storage"
By Rüdiger Berger, Takahito Ono (Masaya Toda)
11:10-11:40  "NEMS/MEMS and Nanomaterial-enhanced Passive Components Compatible with Advanced Nano-CMOS for Future One-chip Tunable RF Systems"
By Thomas Gessner(Jörg Frömel), Masayoshi Esashi (Yu-Ching LIN)
11:40-12:10  "Molecular Approaches to Electronics and Photonics of Giant Macrocycles"
By Klaus Müllen,Hans Joächim Rader, Masahiko Iyoda
12:10-12:40  "Faradaic currents and ion transfer numbers in electrochemical atomic switches"
By Rainer Waser, Tsuyoshi Hasegawa
14:00-14:30  "Single quantum dot based lasers"
By Alfred Forchel, Yasuhiko Arakawa
14:30-15:00  "Optoelectromechanic effects in nanocontacts: Electric-field enhancement and mechanically driven conductance changes"
By Elke Sheer, Hiroaki Misawa(Kosei Ueno)
15:00-15:30  "Terahertz electronics on the atomic scale using intrinsic Josephson junctions in cuprate superconductors"
By Reinhold Kleiner, Huabing Wang
16:00-16:30  "Electromagnetic Wave Controlling by Atomic-Scale Plasmonics in Nanostructures"
By Pucci Annemarie, Tadaaki Nagao
16:30-17:00  "Spin-Resolved Electron Transport Through Magnetic Nanostructures Studied by a LT Multiprobe-STM"
By Wiesendanger Roland, Masakazu Aono
17:00-19:00  Poster Session

19th, January
9:00-9:30  "Development of multi-qubit spintronics device for quantum communication and computing by single NV c"
By Jörg Wrachtrup, Junichi Isoya
9:30-10:00  "Fluctuations and Correlations in Semiconductor Spintronics"
By Gerd Schöen, Yasuhiro Utsumi
10:00-10:30  "Detection of spin accumulation in spin momentum transfer devices using Brillouin light scattering microscopy"
By Jaroslav Hamrle, Yoshichika Otani
11:00-11:30  "Large magneto-resistance effect and magnetic propeties in Co2-based Heusler compounds"
By Alexander A. Serga, J. Hamrle, Burkard Hillebrands, Masakazu Aono(MIkihiko Ogane)
11:30-12:00  "Design of room temperature spintronics nanodevices: Investigation of buried interfaces by Spin Polarized Hard X-ray photoemission"
By Claudia Felser, Koichiro Inomata
12:00-12:30  "Quantum properties of dopants for silicon nanospintronics"
By Martin S. Brandt, Kohei Itoh
14:00-14:30  "Advanced functionality with three-dimensionally controlled nanostructures"
By Klaus-Jüergen Friedland , Yoshiro Hirayama
14:30-15:00  "Synthesis and time-resolved structural analysis of the switching behavior of epitaxial phase change materials for nanoscale date storage applications"
By Wolfgang Braun, Paul Fons
15:00-15:30  "Nanowire/CMOS Heterogeneous Integration for Next-Generation Communication Systems"
By Werner Prost, Takao Waho
16:00-16:30  "Artificial atoms from magnetic semiconductors"
By Laurens W. Molenkamp, Seigo Tarucha(Akira Oiwa)
16:30-17:00  "Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of quantum coherence phenomena due to atom-by-atom nanostructure assembly on semiconductor surfaces"
By Stefan Fölsch, Kiyoshi Kanisawa
17:00-18:00  Poster Session

20th, January




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