Science Technology and Humanity (2005-2012)


Area Director:
Toyo Eiwa University

Of all the types of knowledge, the power of knowledge based on Science and Technology has been unsurpassed. As a result the environment around us is now full of artifacts, which both support and restrict human activity. Our lives, from cradle to grave, are now dominated almost completely by artificial mechanisms. In other words, many matters that were dominated by nature are coming to be dominated by the will of human beings. Despite this drastic change, there has been little appropriate innovation in human activities and behavior, or the codes of conduct and social systems that prescribe human activity compared to the times when these matters were dominated by nature.

This Focus Area aims to study the nature of human beings, lifestyles and society in the future, as science and technology continue to play an ever greater role in society. The study will be conducted from an empirical as opposed to an armchair approach.


  1. To create an open network of people involved in dealing with problems that arise between S&T and society, not only drawing from universities and research institutions but also from political, industrial, legal, administrative and other societal sectors.
  2. To assess how and what has changed and what issues have arisen as the result of the interactions of S&T with society, and to produce solid outcomes (i.e., policy proposals, development of methods, system innovations and experimental exercises) which can be implemented in society.

REPORT of R&D Focus Area

Report of R&D Focus Area: Science Technology and Humanity
"Expanding the range of participants and a new role for experts"

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R&D Program: Interactions between Science, Technology, and Society (FY2007-2012)

R&D Research Projects

Project Name Length Project Director Affiliation
FY2009 Remodeling Interactive Risk Communication based on Actor' s Spontaneous Cooperation (RIRiC) 3yrs Riichiro IIZAWA Professor, Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
Autism-friendly Society : A Search for Reconciling Coexistence with and Cure of Autism 3yrs Manabu OI Professor, School of Teacher Education, Kanazawa University
Establishment of the "Science Media Centre of Japan" as an Information Hub for Science and Technology 3yrs Shiro SEGAWA Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
Legal Decision-making under Scientific Uncertainty 3yrs Tamiko NAKAMURA Lawyer, Lybra Law Office
FY2008 Construction of a Pragmatic Scientist Community Contributing to the Stakeholder-driven Management of the Local Environment 4yrs Tetsu SATO Professor, Nagano University Faculty of Tourism and Environmental Studies
Promotion of Dialogue in Policy - making: focusing on stakeholder dialogue on significant long - term greenhouse gas emission reductions 3.5yrs Masaharu YAGISHITA Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University
Establishment of the Social System for the Healthy Coastal Sea Environment (Creation of "Sato-umi") 3.5yrs Tetsuo YANAGI Professor, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
Development of Medical Care Based on Convinced Validities from Multiple Viewpoints ? Clinical Assessment through Integrated Application of Ubiquitous Vision and Conversation Analysis in a Field of Tertiary Acute Care ? 4yrs Tetsuo YUKIOKA Professor and Chairman, Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Tokyo Medical University
FY2007 The Nagahama Rules for Genome Epidemiology Studies Open to the Community 5yrs Keiko AKASHI Section sub-leader, Nagahama City Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section
Innovation and Institutionalization of Technology Assessment in Japan: Dealing with Nanotechnologies 3.5yrs Hideaki Shiroyama Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo
Development of a Sustainable Community Management System Introducing Energy Conversion Technology for Forest Resources 3.5yrs Seigo NASU Professor, Kochi University of Technology / Director of Research Center for Social Management Systems/ Director of School of Management
Research Project on the Deliberation and Cooperation between Citizens and Scientists (DeCoCiS) 4.5yrs Hideyuki HIRAKAWA Associate Professor, Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication-Design (CSCD)

R&D Program: Science and Technology, Literacy in the 21st Century (FY2005-2009)

R&D Research Projects

Project Name Length Project Director Affiliation
FY2006 Improvement of Science and Technology Literacy Among Young Generations by Researchers Engaged in Cutting-edge Technology 3yrs. Marie OSHIMA Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo
Learning Science for Science Learning 3yrs. Hiroko OTSUKA Researcher, Computational linguistics Division,The Institute of Behavioral Sciences
Scientific literacy surveys to identify various literacy characteristics within the public, and development of educational programmes matched to those characteristics 3yrs. Miki SAIJO Professor, Integrated Research Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Enhancing Neuroscience Literacy through the Use of a Textbook Designed for both Humanities and Science Students 3yrs. Yukihiro NOBUHARA Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
FY2005 A Study for Public Understanding and Response to Climate Change Issues 3yrs. Midori AOYAGI-USUI Senior Researcher, Social and Environment Systems Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Expanding Literacy for Citizen-based Nature Revitalization and Local Community Revitalization Using Satellite Image Information 3yrs. Norihisa KAMIBAYASHI Senior Research Scientist, Research Department, Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan
Basic Research for Improving and Maintaining the Science and Technology Literacy of Citizens 2.5yrs. Yoji TAKIKAWA The Chairman of the NPO: Galileo Science Workshop
The Formation of Citizen Patronage for Science 3yrs. Kazuhisa TODAYAMA Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University
Interactive Enhancement of Researchers' Social Literacy and Laypeople's Science Literacy 3yrs. Hirokazu MATSUI Professor, Research Facuity of Agriculture, Hokkaido University