What Science and Technology for Society Means

What Science and Technology for Society Means
This means "Technology for the purpose of building new social systems that integrate the knowledge from multiple areas in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences *" It is technology that takes society as its direct object and seeks to resolve problems that either currently exist in society or that can be anticipated to exist in the future.

*From "Regarding the Pursuit of R&D in Science and Technology for Society" (December 2000) Translation: RISTEX

Based on this understanding, RISTEX places value on interdisciplinary research by researchers and stakeholders working in collaboration. It also places value on R&D that constructs methodologies while also powerfully expediting actual implementation in regions and communities based on knowledge and interactive practice in the field of humanities and social sciences, as well as the natural sciences.

R&D Emphasized by RISTEX
  • R&D aimed at solving specific social issues.
  • R&D that deals with problems that cannot be satisfactorily addressed by conventional individual fields and areas using scientific knowledge extending across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to build methodologies and implement actual grand-level activities. Transdisciplinary R&D, which seeks to change the way things are.
  • R&D based on collaboration not just among researchers but also stakeholders with various different stances who are knowledgeable enough about on-site circumstances and problems to carry out social experiments at actual locations. Strictly following the cycle of PDCA, it seeks to create new results that will help solve problems.
  • It is R&D that maintains a firm, conscious commitment to returning the specific results obtained from R&D to society, and putting it to practical application (implementation) there.

*PDCA: A management tactics that involves carrying out the sequential process of Planning, Doing, Checking, and Acting while maintaining and improving quality of activity