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Professor Makoto Fujita, 2018 Wolf Prize winner, awarded at the ceremony in Jerusalem

Strategic Basic Research Programs, ACCEL

Prof. Makoto Fujita, Department of Applied Chemistry at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering, has been jointly awarded the Wolf Prize 2018 in Chemistry together with Prof. Omar M. Yaghi of the University of California, Berkeley. The prizes were presented to the winners by President Rivlin at the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem on May 31, 2018.

The Wolf Foundation praised Prof. Fujita's contributions to metal-guided synthesis “conceiving metal-directed assembly principles leading to large highly porous complexes.” He is the second Japanese winner in the field of chemistry following Nobel Laureate Ryoji Noyori, Professor Emeritus who was awarded the prize in 2001.

Presentation of the prize
(President Rivlin is second from the right)

Prof. Fujita gave a speech
(other winners to the right)

President awarded the medal to Prof. Fujita
(in the background, huge tapestries by Chagall)

With Prof. Omar M. Yaghi, University of California, Berkeley (left), co-winner of the award.

Prof. Fujita gave a lecture for the ICS Symposium Honoring Wolf Prize Laureates at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
The slide showed a picture of an M30L60molecular Icosidodecahedron called “cage”, which is one of his achievements.

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