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  • Kazunori Komatani
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  • Tsutomu Terada
  • Atsushi Nakazawa
  • Norihisa Miki
  • Atsuyuki Morishima
Kazunori Komatani

Kazunori Komatani

Mutually Adaptive Speech Interaction Based on Hierarchical Understanding of Spoken Utterances 3 year

Research Site Nagoya University , Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Graduate School of Engineering ,Associate Professor


Researchers Theme Outline

This research project addresses a spoken human-machine interaction in which the system and the human adapt with each other. More specifically, a useful spoken dialogue system needs not only to adapt to individual users but also to convey its capability to them adaptively in order to make their next utterances to accaptable ones. We try to achieve such a flexible spoken interaction by taking a hierarchical aspect of spoken utterances into consideration.