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Phase 1 (fiscal 2012)

Phase 2 (fiscal 2013)

Masato Iwabu
Elucidating the mechanisms of disruption of homeostasis regulated by nutrition
Masaki Ueno
Disruption and recovery of homeostasis by neural network after CNS injury
Kenji Kabashima
Homeostasis and allergy crosstalk of the skin
Masaki Kamakura
Study on molecular mechanism underlying longevity of queens in honeybees.
Keiji Kuba
Dissecting the role of mRNA decay in the maintenance of homeostatsis
Hiroyuki Kubota
investigation of insulin homeostasis through temporal patterns of insulin
Taku Sato
Control of stem cell-mediated tissue regeneration by the immune system
Tetsuya Shiuchi
Elucidation of metabo-physiological network function integrated among brain, peripheral tissues and time
Yoshinori Nagai
Investigation of functional link between the innate immune and metabolic/endocrine systems in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome
Yoshikazu Nakaoka
Exploratory research on the molecular mechanism of cardiovascular homeostasis through myocardial-endothelial signaling
Tomoki Nakashima
Elucidation of the locomo-circuit to control the dynamic maintenance and transfiguration of homeostasis in the locomotive system
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Novel crosstalk between brain and peripheral organs for maintaining homeostasis
Toru Nakamura
A mechanism of behavioral organization and its breakdown in psychiatric disorders: Towards a novel and objective diagnosis
Katsuhito Fujiu
Dynamic homeostasis of the heart via cell-cell interactions and inter-organ communication
Rieko Muramatsu
Elucidation of the role of cardiovascular system in the central nervous system disorders
Hiroaki Wake
Manifestation of psychological behaviors due to systemic disorders. -From immunological status to neural circuits-

Phase 3 (fiscal 2014)