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Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis of deseases caused by the failure of dynamic maintenance of homeostasis in vascular system

Tetsuro Watabe (photo)

Tetsuro Watabe

Research SiteTokyo Medical and Dental University
Graduate School of Medicine and Dental Sciences


Blood vessels play critical roles in the maintenance of homeostasis of our body, and have been implicated in the pathogenesis and progression of many types of diseases such as cancer and heart failure. Since vascular endothelial cells are exposed to many types of stimuli, homeostasis of the vascular systems is dynamically maintained by the intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms. In this project, we focus on the endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EndMT) in which vascular endothelial cells undergo mesenchymal transition during progression of cancer and heart failure. The obtained results will aid to develop novel therapeutic strategies for EndMT-related diseases.


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