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Investigation of mechanisms that enables mammalian hibernators to survive during hibernation

Yoshifumi Yamaguchi (photo)

Yoshifumi Yamaguchi

Research SiteHokkaido University
Institute of Low Temperature Science


Mammalian hibernators survives in hunger, dry or cold winter by decreasing their metabolic rates and body temperature extremely. However, what makes differences between hibernators and other many non-hibernators including human remains almostly unclear. By examining the interaction between brain and peripheral tissues, we try to reveal systemic mechanisms that allows hibernators to survive during hibernation. Such knowledge may be useful for various medical application.


  1. Chayama, Y., Ando, L., Tamura,Y., Miura, M., Yamaguchi, Y. Decreases in body temperature and mass constitute pre-hibernation remodelling in the Syrian golden hamster, a facultative mammalian hibernator. R Soc Open Sci. 2016 Apr 13;3(4):160002.