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The role of cell death and DNA degradation for homeostasis in gut

Kohki Kawane (photo)

Kohki Kawane

Research Site Kyoto Sangyo University
Faculty of Life Sciences
Associate Professor


The homeostasis in gut is maintained by the balance of proliferation and death of epithelial cells with the barrier function of epithelia. The impairment of them causes various disease such as cancer, inflammatory disease, and infection in gut. I focus on two related phenomena, cell death and DNA degradation, to decipher their molecular mechanism and role for gut homeostasis. The insight obtained from the project will contribute to understand the disease in gut and develop novel treatments against them.


  1. Horiguchi H, Endo M, Kawane K, Kadomatsu T, Terada K, Morinaga J, Araki K, Miyata K, Oike Y: ANGPTL2 expression in the intestinal stem cell niche controls epithelial regeneration and homeostasis. EMBO J. 36: 409-424, Feb. 2017