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Control of stem cell-mediated tissue regeneration by the immune system

Taku Sato (photo)

Taku Sato

Research Site Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Medical Research Institute
Junior Associate Professor


Although the innate immune cells play critical roles in repairing damaged tissues, it remains unclear how the immune system controls the tissue stem cells, an exclusive source of tissue regeneration, during the process. In this study, we clarify the regulatory mechanisms of how the immune system affects and acts on the tissue stem cells to preserve tissue homeostasis, and aim at developing new therapies that target the tissue and cancer stem cells.


  1. Asano J, Sato T, Ichinose S, Kajita M, Onai, N Shimizu S and Ohteki T. Intrinsic autophage in intestinals stem cells is required for their maintenance and for irradiation-induced intestinal regeneration. Cell Reports 20, (5 ), 1050-1060, (2017).2017.07.019