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Disruption and recovery of homeostasis by neural network after CNS injury

Masaki Ueno (photo)

Masaki Ueno

Research Site Niigata University
Brain Research Institute
Specially Appointed Professor


CNS injuries disrupt neural network and severely impairs homeostatic functions. Spared neural circuitry is thought to be reorganized and affect the recovery process of functions. However, the underlying mechanism remains largely unknown. In this study, I will focus on the neural networks regulating motor, autonomic, and immune function, and investigate how the reorganized networks influence the disruption and recovery of homeostatic functions after CNS injuries.


  1. Ueno M, Ueno-Nakamura Y, Niehaus J, Popovich PG, Yoshida Y. Silencing spinal interneurons inhibits immune suppressive autonomic reflexes caused by spinal cord injury. Nat Neurosci. 19(6): 784-787, 2016.