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Attachment 4

(Connecting and Coordinating
European Research and Technology Development with Japan)

Science Committee Members that Participated in the Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution Joint Call

Country Name Affiliation, Position Role
Italy Alessandro Abbotto University of Milano-Bicocca, Professor Chair
Japan Kazunari Domen The University of Tokyo, Professor Member
Czech Republic Antonin Fejfar The Czech Academy of Science,
President of the Council for Science
France Alexis Grimaud College de France Paris, Professor Member
Germany Ruediger Eichel Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH,
Director of the Institute of Energy and Climate Research
Norway Dag Christensen Energy Norway, Senior Adviser Member
Slovakia Pavol Siman Slovak Academy of Science (SAS), Vice President Member
Spain Alberto Abanades Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Professor Member
Turkey Habil Mete Sen Istanbul Technical University, Professor Member

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