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Appendix 1

Provisionally Selected Projects for FY2017

The following projects have been provisionally selected for FY2017. Within each field, projects are listed in alphabetical order of the project title. Project titles are based on the titles submitted by the researchers in the counterpart countries and may be modified as a result of further discussion between JICA and the counterpart country.
*[ ]: Counterpart countries
*( ): Principal Investigator in Japan; his/her affiliation

Environment and Energy
“Research contributing to the resolution of global-scale environmental issues”

“The Project for Establishment and Implementation of an Innovative Forest Resource Management Co-created in Collaboration between Ecological Methods and Indigenous Knowledge”
[Republic of Cameroon]
(Associate Professor YASUOKA Hirokazu; The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University)

“The Project for Establishment of Environmentally Sound Management of Construction and Demolition Waste and Its Wise Utilization for Environmental Pollution Control and for New Recycled Construction Materials”
[Socialist Republic of Vietnam]
(Professor KAWAMOTO Ken; Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University)

Environment and Energy
“Research contributing to advanced energy systems for low carbon society”

“The Project for e-Integrated Smart Transport to Dually Achieve CO2 Reduction and People’s Well-Being to Support THAILAND 4.0”
[The Kingdom of Thailand]
(Professor HAYASHI Yoshitsugu; Institute of Science and Technology Research, Chubu University)

“The Project for Geothermal Exploration by Thermoluminescence Technique Prospection and Reservoir Evaluation by Integration of Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical Data Analysis”
[Republic of El Salvador]
(Professor TSUCHIYA Noriyoshi; Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University.)

“Research contributing to sustainable utilization of bioresources”

“The Project for ASEAN Network System for Rice Genomic Breeding”
[Republic of the Union of Myanmar]
(Professor YOSHIMURA Atsushi; Faculty of Agriculture, Graduate School of Kyushu University)

“The Project for Characterization of Fish-Killing Algae Bloom Holobiome and the Development of a Detection/Prediction System for Industry/Government/Academia Salmon Aquaculture”
[Republic of Chile]
(Associate Professor MARUYAMA Fumito; Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University))

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
“Research on disaster prevention and mitigation measures attuned to the needs of developing countries”

“The Project for Flash Floods Integrated Management Considering Climate Change for Secured Development in Wadi Basins”
[Arab Republic of Egypt]
(Professor SUMI Tetsuya; Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)

“The Project for Integrated Research on Resilience Enhancement of Industry Complexes Through Establishment of Area-BCM Operations and Development Toolkits for Disaster Risk Analysis and Information Sharing for the Wellbeing of Population at Risk”
[The Kingdom of Thailand]
(Professor WATANABE Kenji; Graduate School of Social Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology)

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