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Appendix 2

Scientific Committee Members

Country Member Name Position and Institution Member Status
Netherlands Dr. Marcel Van de Voorde Professor at University of Technology Delft/Senator of the European Academy for Sciences and Arts/Fellow of the World Academy for Sciences Chair
Czech Republic Dr. Jan Šafanda Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of Geophysics)/Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Member
Hungary Dr. Gyorgy Radnoczi Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science/Head of the Structural Research Department Member
Poland Dr. Mieczyslaw Jurczyk Professor at Poznan University of Technology Member
Slovakia Dr. Karol Fröhlich Slovak Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering/Senior Researcher in the Department of Physics and Technology at Nanoscale, Vice President of the Scientific Board Member
Japan Dr. Teruo Kishi Advisor to the National Institute for Materials Science/Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo/Program Director of SICORP, JST Member

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