Gaps in Ethics

Gaps in Ethics - The Science and Engineering Research Center Edition


 Gaps in Ethics - The Science and Engineering Research Center Student and Young Researcher Edition

These videos are instructional materials that allow viewers to experience the lead-up to research misconduct, and to learn about research ethics while understanding the different positions of the people involved in the research. By experiencing the standpoints of both giving and receiving instructions, you can cultivate ethical judgment and behavior, and consider how a researcher should act.
This materials consist of two dramas: the Associate Professor Edition and the Student and Young Researcher Edition. The story is the same, but they are separated into the associate professor's perspective and the student's perspective as the main character.

How to use these materials:
The story takes place in a Science and Engineering Research Center, but it is designed around problems that could arise at any research site, so that it can be widely used by researchers and students outside of science and engineering, such as the Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and corporate researchers. It is most effectively used in workshops that combine watching the drama with discussion and group work. It can also be used in a variety of other situations, including lectures at universities and training at research institutions.


Set in the Science and Engineering Research Center, which specializes in the field of medical-engineering, of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Shuwa University, a fictional school, the story is focused on an associate professor (Dr. Segawa) and a student (Sasayama), with a young researcher and assistant professor (Dr. Maruyama) as an intermediary.
As the research center conducting research and development for Brain Machine Interface (BMI) technology as part of a collaborative research project with a private company, each character is working hard. However, they are having trouble obtaining the desired experimental data. Amid these circumstances, the entire research center is under immense pressure, such as the company's expectations and generating research results to write the thesis.
Does the busy associate professor adequately supervise the lab? How will the student and assistant professor responsible for the experiment overcome a presentation to the collaborating company when the experiments are not going well? Can the characters recognize the line that must not be crossed as researchers and take the correct action? It depicts researchers placed in an ethical dilemma, with an associate professor, student, and young researcher as the main characters.

Title: "Gaps in Ethics" - The Science and Engineering Research Center Edition Run time: Approximately 1 hour combined (Associate Professor Edition:33 minutes, Student and Young Researcher Edition: 33 minutes)