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The 3rd Researchers
Toshiro Ito Yoshiaki Iwadate Miho Ohsugi Tokitaka Oyama Chieko Koike
Masamitsu Sato Kyoko Shirakabe Kenichi Suzuki Takayuki Suzuki Torii, Keiko U.
Kenya Honda Tohru Minamino Miyo Terao Morita    

Miyo Terao Morita  Result

(9)Ding Z, Galvan-Ampudia CS, Demarsy E, Langowski L, Kleine-Vehn J, Fan Y, Morita MT, Tasaka M, Fankhauser C, Offringa R, Friml J."Light-mediated polarization of the PIN3 auxin transporter for the phototropic response in Arabidopsis" Nature Cell Biology, 2011 Apr.13(4)447-52
(8)Toyota M, Matsuda K, Kakutani T, Terao Morita M, Tasaka M."Developmental changes in crossover frequency in Arabidopsis."The Plant Journal,65:589-599(2010)
(7)Kleine-Vehn J, Ding Z, Jones AR, Tasaka M, Morita MT, Friml J." Gravity-induced PIN transcytosis for polarization of auxin fluxes in gravity-sensing root cells." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107:22344-22349(2010)
(6)Miyo T. Moirta, Masao Tasaka "Tropism" ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIFE SCIENCES 2010, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0022335
(5)Uemura, T., Morita, M., Ebine, K., Okatani, Y., Yano, D., Saito, C., Ueda, T., and Nakano, A. "Vacuolar/prevacuolar compartment Qa-SNAREs, VAM3/SYP22 and PEP12/SYP21 have interchangeable functions in Arabidopsis." PlantJ.2010 Dec. 64(5)864-73
(4)Oral presentation "Analysis of amyloplast dynamics involved in gravity sensing using a novel centrifuge microscope" at the COSPAR2010 bremen.germany on July 18-25 2010
(3)Oral presentation "SGR9, a RING type E3 ligase, modulates amyloplast dynamics important for gravity sensing."at the COSPAR2010 bremen.germany on July 18-25 2010
(2) Dello Ioio R, Nakamura K, Moubayidin L, Perilli S, Taniguchi M, Morita MT, Aoyama T, Costantino P, Sabatini S. "A genetic framework for the control of cell division and differentiation in the root meristem. " Science 322: 1380-1384 (2008)
(1) Ebine, K., Okatani, Y., Uemura, T., Goh, T., Shoda, K., Niihama, M., Morita, M.T., Spitzer, C., Otegui, M.S., Nakano, A., and Ueda, T. "A SNARE Complex Unique to Seed Plants Is Required for Protein Storage Vacuole Biogenesis and Seed Development of Arabidopsis thaliana. " Plant Cell 20, 3006- 3021 2008.
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