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The 3rd Researchers
Toshiro Ito Yoshiaki Iwadate Miho Ohsugi Tokitaka Oyama Chieko Koike
Masamitsu Sato Kyoko Shirakabe Kenichi Suzuki Takayuki Suzuki Torii, Keiko U.
Kenya Honda Tohru Minamino Miyo Terao Morita    

Takayuki Suzuki  Result

(7)T.Suzuki et al "Identification of spontaneous mutations within the long-range limb-specific Sonic Hedgehog enhancer (ZRS) that alter Sonic Hedgehog expression in the chicken limb mutants oligozeugodactly and Silkie Breed "Developmental Dynamics, 2011 May 240(5)1212-22
(6)Poster Presentation " Quantification of Morphogen activity in the developing chick limb bud" 11th International Conference of Limb Development and Regeneration, College of William and Mary, USA on July.14.2010
(5)Oral Presentation "Quantification of Morphogen activity in the developing chick limb bud" International Society for developmental biology, Kyoto on Jun.22.2010
(4)Oral Presentation "Role of GDF11 during hindlimb field determination" Fallon Symposium, Madison, USA on Apr.15.2010
(3)Ito T, Ando H, Suzuki T, Ogura T, Hotta K, Imamura Y, Yamaguchi Y, Handa H. "Identification of a primary target of thalidomide teratogenicity." Science, 327、p1345-50,2009
(2)Poster presentation: "Molecular profile and functional role of the PFR to specify each digt identity" at the 16th International Society of Developmental Biologisis (Edinburgh)on July 9.2009
(1) T.Suzuki,T.Ogura "Electroporation into the limb: beyond misexpression" Electroporation and Sonoporation in Developmental Biology, p85-p97(2009)
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