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Dec. 22,2009 The final presentation of the 1st PRESTO Researchers was held in Tokyo Garden Palece, Ochanomizu.

Makoto Sugita Hiroto Tanaka Masaki Tanaka Kiyoshi Nakahara
Kazuki Horikawa Isao Moriya Kimiko Yamamoto Scene

Dec. 20-21,2009 7th Meeting of Research Area(Tokyo Garden Palece, Ochanomizu)PRESTO Researchers,Advisers

Scene Participate Yoshiaki Iwadate
Masaki Tanaka Yuji Ikegaya Kimiko Yamamoto

Sep. 24-25,2009 6th Meeting of Research Area(Okinawa Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel)PRESTO Researchers,Advisers and Guest speaker,Dr.Naito and Dr.De Shutter

Dr.De Shutter Scene Scene
Lecture of the shellfish by  Dr.Kondo Participate oniokoze

Jun 5,2009 Dr. Shigetada Nakanishi,Research Superviser,visited Dr.Keiko U Torii at the Univ. of Washington.

at the Univ. of Washington at the Univ. of Washington

Mar 10,16,2009 The 3rd CREST progress meeting was held in Osaka Bioscience Inst.

Scene Members

Jan 10-11,2009 5th Meeting of Research Area(Hotel Nikko Toyohashi)PRESTO Researchers,Adviser and Guest speaker,Dr.Siomi

Dr.Siomi Participate Scene
Scene Participate Scene

Sep 5,2008 The new "Sakigake" researchers participated in a guidance meeting and reception.

reception Dr.Nakanishi & New menbers reception

Aug 27-28,2008 4th Meeting of Research Area(Hotel Cresent,Sendai)PRESTO Researchers and Guest speaker,Dr.Kuroda

Scene Dr.Kuroda Scene
Scene Participate Scene

June 18,2008 The 2nd CREST progress meeting was held in Osaka Bioscience Inst.

Members Members

Jan 9-10,2008 3rd Meeting of Research Area(Cosmosquare Hotel,Osaka)PRESTO Researchers and Guest speaker,Dr.Hamada

Scene Dr.Hamada Scene
Scene Participate Scene
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