This Research Area was completed on March 31, 2010
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¡Development of Efficient Molecular Design Integrated System of Functional Polymers by Elongation Method
Yuriko Aoki (Professor, Kyushu University)
¡Large Scale Computation for Correlated Electron Systems
Masatoshi Imada (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Development of the Program Package for the Relativistic Molecular Theory
Takahito Nakajima (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡The Formation of Foundation for Practical Use by an Innovation of Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm
Yoshimasa Nakamura (Professor, Kyoto University)
¡Fluid-structure Interaction Resonance Phenomenon Inverse Analysis for Micro Fluid Device Development
Junichi Matsumoto (Research Staff, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
¡Distributed Optimization Simulation for Discrete-Continuous Systems
Kazuo Murota (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Hybrid Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Soft Matters
Ryoichi Yamamoto (Associate Professor, Kyoto University)
¡Development of a Biology-Inspired Dynamic Flying Simulator
Hao Liu (Professor, Chiba University)
@ @
¡Development of Simulation Technique for DNA Nanodevice Production
Satoyuki Kawano (Professor, Osaka University)
¡Development of Multi-Physics Simulator Based on Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics
Momoji Kubo (Associate Professor, Tohoku University)
¡Development of AB Initio Simulation Methods for Quantum Hydrogen Systems
Masanori Tachikawa (Professor, Yokohama City University)
¡Development of Dynamic Bond Type Large-scale Molecular Dynamics Method
Takanobu Watanabe (Associate Professor, Waseda University)
@ @
¡Scale-free Metabolic Simulation
Masanori Arita (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Development of the Bilateral Multiscale Neural Simulator
Mihoko Otake (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Tailor-made Tissue Regeneration Therapy @Supported by a Novel Bone Remodeling Simulation
Ken-ichi Tezuka (Associate Professor, Gifu University)
¡Computer-assisted Design of Human Antibodies Highly Specific for Targeting Molecules
Tyuji Hoshino (Associate Professor, Chiba University)
¡Precise Electronic Structure Calculations on Biochemical Molecules Including Transition Metal Ions
Ryo Maezono (Research Staff, National Institute for Materials Science)
@ @
¡Multi-physics Simulator using Particle Method
Seiichi Koshizuka (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Development of Super Parallel Computing Simulation Systems for Improving the Quality of Radiotherapy
Kimiaki Saito (Chief Senior Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
¡Research and Development of the Multi-Scale Modeling of Rheological Phenomena in Biological Systems
Masao Doi (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Development of Software Infrastructure for Large Scale Scientific Simulation
Akira Nishida (Associate Professor, Chuo University)
¡Development of Simulators for Nano-scale Measurements of Materials Properties
Satoshi Watanabe (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Construction of a Platform for Robust Optimization Based on Symbolic-numeric Hybrid Computation
Hirokazu Anai (Researcher, Fujitsu Limited)
¡Development of the Integrated Design System for Materials Microstructure and Properties
Kiyohito Ishida (Professor, Tohoku University)
¡Development of Software Framework for Simulation in Radiotherapy
Takashi Sasaki (Associate Professor, KEK)
¡Multi-professional Simulator for Biomedical Study of Human Bone
Naoki Takano (Professor, Ritsumeikan University)
¡Development of Large Scale Molecular Orbital Calculation System on Grid
Umpei Nagashima (Principal Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced industrial Science and Technology)
¡Development of Multi-scale and Multi-physics Simulator of Heart for Disease Care and Drug Discovery
Toshiaki Hisada (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
¡Study on Validated Numerical Simulation for Linear Systems
Shin'ichi Oishi (Professor, Waseda University)
¡Development of Bio-Simulation Systems Based on the Fragment Molecular Orbital Method
Shigenori Tanaka (Professor, Kobe University)
¡Realtime Simuation of the Space Weather
Takashi Tanaka (Professor, Kyushu University)
¡Development of Modeling/Simulation Environment for Systems Biology
Masaru Tomita (Director General / Dean / Professor, Keio University)
¡Development of Advanced Data Assimilation and Adaptive Simulation Methods
Tomoyuki Higuchi (Vice Director General / Professor, Research Organization of Information and Systems)
¡Novel Methodology of Electronic Structure Calculations by Combining Several Different Aspects
Takeo Fujiwara (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
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