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Foundation of technology supporting the creation of digital media contents
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Foundation of technology supporting the creation of digital media contents
Strategic sector : Creation of an advanced science and technology which supports the raising of the level of creation of media art Research Supervisor Hiroshi Harashima
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

This research area targets research which will create advanced and innovative expression techniques that will support the production of works with regard to a new culture which is called media art, that has shown a rapid progress due to the development of information science and technology and a novel basic technology which will realize these.
Specifically, such research is research related to technologies for the input, processing, editing and expression of reflection and image, interface technologies, network technologies, etc. for the purpose of increasing quality (including the number of dimension) of films, animation and game software, for which electronic technologies such as computers are freely used, and CG art, network art works, etc. which will be the basis for them. Research into technologies for an artificial reality that enable expression of senses other than the sense of sight and the sense of hearing, technologies for a composite sense of reality which superimposes the real space and an artificial space is included. It is also for research into novel expression techniques for which the characteristics of digital media are utilized, research into expression techniques which take the sensitivity of human beings into account from the viewpoints of comfort and safety, research into techniques for manufacturing high performance contents which enable the production of superior works in terms of the story, research into software and hardware which enable anybody to produce digital media works freely and efficiently, etc.
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