The 2nd JST-ANR Joint Symposium finished. Thank you for your paticipation!

Program    Reception desk open 9:45~

Start End Time Speaker & Title
10:30 10:50 Opening Remarks Kenji MASE (Research Supervisor / Nagoya University)
Sandrine MAXIMILIEN (Ambassade de France au Japon)
Yoshimasa GOTO (Vice President JST)
10:50 11:50 Oral Presentation of Japanese-French Joint CREST project teams
0:30 Junichi YAMAGISHI (National Institute of Informatics)&
Jean-François BONASTRE(Université d´Avignon et des Pays du Vaucluse)
"VoicePersonae Project - Media Cloning and Privacy Protection"
0:30 Satoshi NAKAMURA (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) &
Jean-Claude Martin(Laboratoire d'informatique pour la mécanique et les sciences de l'ingénieur)
"TAPAS: Training Adapted Personalised Affective Social Skills with Cultural Virtual Agents"
11:50 12:00 0:10 Break
12:00 12:40 Keynote Lecture 1
0:40 Stéphane HUOT(INRIA, Vice-chair of Interaction, robotics Review Committee, ANR)
"Who [was|is|will be] in Control?: Some Control-Related Challenges in Interacting with Complex Systems"
12:40 14:10 1:30 Lunch Break
14:10 14:50 Keynote Lecture 2
0:40 Minoru ASADA (Osaka University)
"Artificial Pain may Induce Empathy, Morality, and Ethics"
14:50 15:30 Keynote Lecture 3
0:40 Yoshihiro KAWAHARA (University of Tokyo)
"Design and Engineering for Conviviality"
15:30 15:40 0:10 Break
15:40 15:55 Challenges of Japanese-French Joint Research Call
0:15 Martine Garnier-Rizet (Digital sciences & Mathematics department, ANR)&
Kenji MASE (Research Supervisor / Nagoya University)
15:55 16:35 Oral Presentation of Domestic CREST project teams (2019~)
0:10 Michita IMAI (Keio University)
"Mutual Dependency in Foreground and Background for Understanding Interaction"
0:10 Kenji SUZUKI (University of Tsukuba)
"Supporting Empathic Behavior by Sharing and Extending Social Signals
0:10 Tomoki TODA (Nagoya University)
"Creation of Cooperative Human Augmentation Techniques in Sound Media Communication"
0:10 Yasuto NAKANISHI (Keio University)
"Symbiotic Interaction Platform that Transcends Bounded Rationality"
16:35 16:45 0:10 [Closing Remark] Kenji MASE (Research Supervisor/ Nagoya University)
16:45 17:00 0:15 Break
17:00 18:30 1:30 Reception *4,000yen