Pre-announcement: JST/ANR joint call based on CREST program

21 November, 2022

In FY2023, JST has agreed with ANR to establish the following three CREST Research Areas as common priority research areas and to invite Japanese-French joint research proposals:

[MultiSensing] Research on Multi-sensing Biosystems and Development of Adaptive Technologies
[Exploring Unknown Materials] Exploring Innovative Materials in Unknown Search Space
[Society 5.0 System Software] Creation of System Software for Society 5.0 by Integrating Fundamental Theories and System Platform Technologies

To apply, principal investigators (PIs) from the Japanese and French sides will write a common joint research proposal and submit it to JST and ANR in parallel.

The joint research proposal should be written in English using the Common Application Form.

Only applications submitted to both JST and ANR will be considered for evaluation

The deadline for proposal submissions to ANR is earlier than JST (CREST).

Although the above three CREST research areas also invite regular proposals, PIs on the Japanese side may submit only one application with either a joint or regular proposal.

Please note that this call for proposals is announced on the premise of passage of the budget for fiscal year 2023.

Preannouncement on ANR site: