In FY2019, research proposals are invited for 12 CREST Research Areas, 14 PRESTO Research Areas and 2 ACT-X Research Areas.
Information about each research areas (Basic information, Schedule of calling for proposals, Research Supervisor’s Policy for selection, How to apply) will be linked to the table below.

CREST is a funding program for team-oriented research with the aim of achieving the strategic goals set forth by the government. The objective is to create revolutionary technological seeds for science and technology innovation.

Keyword Research Area Research Supervisor Establishment
Nanomechanics Elucidation of macroscale mechanical properties based on understanding nanoscale dynamics for innovative mechanical materials Kohzo Ito FY2019
Innovative optics and photonics Creating innovative optics and photonics based on creative principles Satoshi Kawata FY2019
Mathematical Information Platform Creating information utilization platform by integrating mathematical and information sciences, and development to society Naonori Ueda FY2019
Multicellular interaction Development of technology platforms for quantitative analysis of spatiotemporal multicellular interaction Michiyuki Matsuda FY2019
Genome programming Large-scale genome synthesis and cell programming Haruhiko Siomi FY2018
Innovative reactions Innovation in chemical reactions through active control of electrons and ions for production Jun-ichi Yoshida FY2018
Topology Creation of Core Technology based on the Topological Materials Science for Innovative Devices Masahito Ueda FY2018
Computational Foundation Technology for Computing Revolution for Society 5.0 Shuichi Sakai FY2018
Extracellular Fine Particles Elucidation of biological mechanism of extracellular fine particles and the control system Yoshinobu Baba FY2017
Thermal Control Creation of Innovative Core Technologies for Nano-enabled Thermal Management Shigeo Maruyama FY2017
Revolutional Materials Development Revolutional material development by fusion of strong experiments with theory/data science Hideo Hosono FY2017
Symbiotic Interaction Advanced Interaction Technologies within Networked Intelligent Information Environment Kenji Mase FY2017

Promoting individual Research to Nurture the Seed of Future Innovation and Organizing Unique, Innovative Network

Keyword Research Area Research Supervisor Establishment
Nanomechanics Nanoengineering on Mechanical Functions of Materials Takayuki Kitamura FY2019
Innovative optics and photonics Creating state-of-the-art science by innovative optics and photonics Koichiro Tanaka FY2019
Quantum Software Technological Foundation of Advanced Quantum Computing and Information Processing Akihisa Tomita FY2019
Math-Structure Elucidating mathematical structures in real/virtual world objects and their utilization Takashi Sakajo FY2019
IoT Future led by IoT Hideyuki Tokuda FY2019
Multicellular System Dynamics of Cellular Interactions in Multicellular System Yoshiko Takahashi FY2019
Genome programming Large-scale genome synthesis and cell programming Haruhiko Siomi FY2018
Controlled Reaction Controlled Reaction by Electrons or Ions Yasushi Sekine FY2018
Topology Topological Materials Science for Creation of Innovative Functions Shuichi Murakami FY2018
Computing Frontiers Pioneering Research on Computing Frontiers Koji Inoue FY2018
Quantum Bio Creation of Life Science Basis by Using Quantum Technology Mitsutoshi Setou FY2017
Fine Particles Function and control of fine particles in a living body Akihiko Nakano FY2017
Thermal Control Thermal Science and Control of Spectral Energy Transport Katsunori Hanamura FY2017
Humans and Interactions The Future of Humans and Interactions Jun Rekimoto FY2017

Promoting individual research for young researchers who strive towards strategic objectives without fear of failure. Finding and nurturing young researchers who have unique and progressive ideas and supporting their growth as individual researchers.

Keyword Research Area Research Supervisor Establishment
Math and Info Frontier of mathematics and information science Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi FY2019
Life and Chemistry Life and Chemistry Mikiko Sodeoka FY2019