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Japanese-French joint research proposals for two CREST Research Areas

 JST and the French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche; “ANR”) concluded a Framework Agreement in December 2017.
 The purpose of this Agreement is to foster Japanese-French collaboration in scientific research and to fund joint research projects conducted by Japanese and French partners eligible for funding from each agency, within the framework of the JST-CREST program.

 In FY2018, JST has agreed with ANR to establish the following two CREST Research Areas as common priority research areas and to invite Japanese-French joint research proposals, as well as regular (non-joint) proposals:

Research Area Research Supervisor(s) Strategic Objective(s) FY of Research Area Establishment
Symbiotic Interaction: Creation and Development of Core Technologies Interfacing Human and Information Environment Kenji Mase
(Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University)
Advanced interaction technologies within networked intelligent information environment FY2017
Creation of an innovative quantum technology platform based on the advanced control of quantum states Yasuhiko Arakawa
(Specially Appointed Professor, Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, The University of Tokyo)
Development of new material properties and frontier of information sciences based on the advanced control of quantum states FY2016

 Excellent joint research projects, in which complementarities of research expertise and synergetic effects of research groups of the two countries can be expected, are highly welcome to apply. For selected joint research projects, JST(CREST) will fund Japanese research groups and ANR will fund French research groups in accordance with the regulations and policies applicable to each agency.
 Please refer to “Overview” and “Research Supervisor’s Policy on Call for Application, Selection, and Management of the Research Area” of each Research Area for details.

 (Application Process)
  • 1.To apply, principal investigators (PIs) from the Japanese and French sides will write a common joint research proposal and submit it to JST and ANR in parallel. The joint research proposal should be written in English using the Common Application Form.
  • 2. PI from French side will apply and submit the common joint research proposal to ANR.
     ・Deadline for proposal submission to ANR is April 16th, 10AM CET.
     ・Please refer to ANR’s website.
  • 3. PI from Japanese side will apply and submit the common joint research proposal to CREST via the e-RAD system.
     (Caution) Please upload Common Application Form to "application details file" and Proposal Summary of Japanese-French Joint Research Proposal to "Reference data" in e-Rad.
  • 4.JST and ANR will evaluate proposals in parallel and make common funding decisions.
  • 5.Funded research projects will start in October or later.

  • ・Only applications submitted to both JST and ANR will be considered for evaluation.
  • ・The deadline for proposal submissions to ANR is earlier than JST (CREST).
  • ・Although the above two CREST research areas also invite regular proposals, PIs on the Japanese side may submit only one application with either a joint or regular proposal.
  • ・The proposal submitted to ANR cannot be changed when submitting to CREST. Neither joint nor regular proposals have an advantage during evaluation and will be evaluated equally.

CONTENTS Important Using the Electronic system for Research and Development (e-Rad).

Please submit your Research Proposal, using e-Rad.
Note: Since e-Rad system has not yet supported the application in English, it is recommended that Japanese associates apply on behalf of those who are not used to handling paperwork in Japanese.

Information on calls for proposals is posted on this web page.
The part of the information is also announced via JST's e-mail magazine and JST CREST/PRESTO/ACT-I's Twitter account(only in Japanese).
For registration of the e-mail magazine, please see the link.