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Application Guideline

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Introduction 169KB Download←click
Chapter 1 Overview of Research Proposal Solicitation 107KB Download←click
Chapter 2 CREST Program 331KB Download←click
Chapter 3 PRESTO Program 260KB Download←click
Chapter 4 Research Areas Calling for Proposals 4.1 CREST 378KB Download←click
Chapter 4 Research Areas Calling for Proposals 4.2 PRESTO 484KB Download←click
Chapter 5 Strategic Objectives (PDF) 561MB Download←click
Chapter 6 Key Points in Submitting Proposals (PDF) 639KB Download←click
Chapter 7 Limitations on the Overlap of Proposals within the Strategic Basic Research Programs (PDF) 65KB Download←click
Chapter 8 Recruiting via the Cross-ministerial R&D Management System (e-Rad) (PDF) 1.8MB Download←click
Q & A (PDF) 244KB Download←click

Application Forms

(※Provisional translation) CREST PRESTO
General forms requested by Research Areas (MS Word) Word Word

CONTENTS Important Using the Electronic system for Research and Development (e-Rad).

Please submit your Research Proposal, using e-Rad.
Note: Since e-Rad system has not yet supported the application in English, it is recommended that Japanese associates apply on behalf of those who are not used to handling paperwork in Japanese.