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The purpose of ACT-I is finding and developing superior young researchers to address important problems facing our country. Under the management principles of the Research Area defined by the Research Supervisor, we find researchers who have challenging ideas and support their researches aimed at creating new values that lead to scientific and technological innovation. With advice and guidance from the Research Supervisor and Research Area Advisors, young researchers advance based on their unique ideas. As they communicate with researchers from different fields inside or outside of the Research Area, young researchers attempt to establish individualities as researchers while forming a network of researchers.


Research Area

JST selects research areas within the framework of the strategic sectors established by MEXT.

Research Supervisor

Research Supervisors are responsible for the research area and play a key role in promoting research.

Research Type

Individual Researcher Type
Individual researcher conducts the research to realize the research concept. Researcher can employ research assistant for a certain period. Research assistant: (hourly-paid) supports the individual researcher through general research assistance such as preparing for experiments and cleaning up the data.

Research Period

In principle, the research period should be 1 year and 6 months or less (1 year and 4 months or less for FY2016).

Research Expenditure

Research budget: 3 million yen as standard (Max. 5 million yen) *In Acceleration Phase, support up to 10 million yen per year for up to 2 years.

Research Site

In principle, researchers should use the existing research site. By concluding research agreements, researchers can conduct the research at the institute they belong to.


This solicitation for ACT-I is limited to people who are under the age of 35 on April 1 in the year of application. Researcher selected for this program will be “Affiliated with the institution expected to undertake contract research”, “Exclusive Appointment”, or “Students in graduate program”.

Research Agreement

JST concludes commissioned or joint research agreement with the research institute where the researcher conducts the research.

Presentation and Evaluation of Research Result

Researchers are actively encouraged to present research results both within and outside Japan. When research period ends, researchers should report the research result in the symposium which is open to the public. When the research is complete, an ex post facto evaluation is made and, as the need arises, a follow-up survey is conducted.

Research Area Meeting

JST holds research meetings sponsored by the Supervisor twice a year to discuss the research plan, to report the progress or to promote communication among researches in the research area. These research meetings help researchers to build wide personal networks across the organization and position.

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