About The Program

Individual-type research that supports “the establishment of an individual,” i.e., young researchers with unique and challenging ideas

*This Program finished in FY2021
 Active Period: FY2016 - FY2021
 Affiliations and titles are at the end of each research activity.


The purpose of ACT-I is finding and developing superior young researchers to address important problems facing our country. Under the management principles of the Research Area defined by the Research Supervisor, we find researchers who have challenging ideas and support their researches aimed at creating new values that lead to scientific and technological innovation. With advice and guidance from the Research Supervisor and Research Area Advisors, young researchers advance based on their unique ideas. As they communicate with researchers from different fields inside or outside of the Research Area, young researchers attempt to establish individualities as researchers while forming a network of researchers.


■Research Period

3 years and 6 months including the acceleration phase

■Research Budget

Several million yen annually per section
*In the acceleration phase, maximum research funds of approximately 10 million yen / year


・ACT-I tries to find out and foster creative young researchers who are willing to provide solutions, through innovative imagination, for various challenges that people are facing today or will face tomorrow, and to establish individuality of researchers. This solicitation is limited to people who are under the age of 35 on April 1 in the year of application. We are also looking forward to exciting proposals from graduate students and younger researchers affiliated to companies.

・About 3 million yen has been allocated to support each research project, which is sufficient to enable young researchers to pursue their independent research projects.

・ACT-I researchers take responsibility for advancing research projects which he or she has proposed within a Research Area led by a Research Supervisor. In advancing the research project, the researcher can gain various types of advice and guidance from the Research Supervisor and Research Area Advisors in Research Area Meetings (Meeting for research report presentation), and in addition, researchers will be strongly supported with Advisor Assignment System.

・Research Area meetings are held twice yearly, researchers can interact with their Research Supervisor, Area Advisors, and researchers working in other fields of the same Research Area, and form networks that will continue beyond the end of their participation in the ACT-I program.

・After a regular research period, research subjects that can be expected to achieve even greater results will be eligible for a research extension up to 10 million yen per year for up to two years as the acceleration phase.

Research Framework


  • ACT-I
  • ACT-X
  • ALCA
  • AIP Network Lab
  • Global Activities
  • Diversity
  • SDGs
  • OSpolicy
  • Yuugu
  • Questions