Conformal Bioimager

* This project is implemented as ACCEL in the JST-MIRAI R&D Program.

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Research Director

Takao Someya

Takao Someya

(Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

1997 Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1997 Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
1998 Lecturer, The University of Tokyo
2001 Visiting Scholar, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
2001 Visiting Scientist, Nanocenter, Columbia University
2002 Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
2009 Professor, The University of Tokyo
2009 Global Scholar, Princeton University
2015 Chief Scientist, RIKEN

Program Manager

Yorishige Matsuba

Yorishige Matsuba

(ACCEL Program Manager, Japan Science and Technology Agency)

1979 M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Okayama University
Researcher, Harima Chemicals, Inc.
1990 Ph.D. in System Engineering, Okayama University
2003 Visiting Professor, Osaka University
2004 Visiting Professor, University of Hyogo
2005 Executive Officer & Director, Harima Chemicals, Inc.
2016 Project Researcher, The University of Tokyo
2017 ACCEL Program Manager, JST

Outline of R&D Project

Someya Project Team has been improving their large area flexible electronic skin (E-skin) through several projects. With CREST, they realized a sensor which combines large area, multipoint, multimodal1) and stretchability simultaneously.
With ERATO, the team established the technology of stretchable electronics by fabricating organic transistor on top of 1 micrometer (μm) ultrathin polymer-based substrate. Via the sensor directly adhered to the skin, they performed actual bio-sensing (Direct Contact E-skin). Furthermore, they successfully measured blood oxygen saturation indirectly by implementing organic photodetector and OLED on 1μm ultrathin substrate (Optical E-skin).
With ACCEL, the project team are keen to merge and to enhance, the technologies developed through CREST, and ERATO, into one sheet that allows easy bio-monitoring just by applying to the skin. “A Conformal Bioimager” will help us obtain safe, secure and comfortable society.

1) multimodal sensor
a sensor that allows monitoring of multiple biological information.


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