Creation of the Functional Materials on the Basis of the Inter-Element-Fusion Strategy and Their Innovative Applications

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Research Director

Hiroshi Kitagawa

Hiroshi Kitagawa

(Professor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University)

1992 Doctor of Science, Kyoto University
1991 Research Associate, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki National Research Organization
1993 Visiting Researcher, Royal Institution of Great Britain
1994 Assistant Professor, JAIST
2000 Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
2003 Professor, Kyushu University
2009 Professor, Graduate school of Science, Kyoto University

Program Manager

Akihiro Okabe

Akihiro Okabe

(ACCEL Program Manager, Japan Science and Technology Agency)

1998 M. S. in Applied Chemistry, The University of Tokyo
2007 Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry, The University of Tokyo
1998 Researcher, Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
2007 Senior Researcher, Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
2013 Team Leader, Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
2015 ACCEL Program Manager, JST

Outline of R&D Project

Atomic-level (solid-solution) alloying has advantage of being able to continuously control chemical and physical properties of elements by changing compositions and/or combinations of constituent elements. However, solid-solution phases in alloys are limited to specific combinations of elements. Furthermore, most of the combinations have solid-solution phases in limited regions of composition and temperature. In our previous CREST project, we established the inter-element-fusion science to create innovative functional materials where the immiscible metallic elements in the bulk state are mixing at the atomic level using nanotechnology. We are promoting ambitious and challenging materials research with a multidisciplinary integration of physics, chemistry, engineering, and materials science.
In the ACCEL project, we will demonstrate our proof of concept, that is, the rational materials design using the density-of-states engineering and desirable creation of novel nano-alloys can be achieved by theoretical prediction for physical and chemical properties. We will also establish the mass-production technology of novel functional nanomaterials and lead our project to collaboration with business partners by supplying our samples.

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