Overview of Program

 Today's PhD students are expected to shoulder the responsibility for future science, technology and innovation. However, in recent years, the number of students enrolling in doctoral courses is declining due to financial difficulties and concerns over employment prospects.

 There is an urgent need to (1) strengthen financial support for excellent aspiring PhD students and (2) promote the development of diverse and engaging graduate career paths. Japan's doctoral education system also faces a structural problem, in that it has not been sufficiently promoting strategic reform based on changes in social needs. As a result, it is not encouraging challenging and interdisciplinary research that goes beyond existing frameworks.

 In order to improve this situation, Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING) supports universities or colleges that have the ability and motivation to independently carry out (1) and (2) above, beyond the boundaries of their own graduate schools and laboratories. Each university or college will designate a program officer to select PhD students, and JST will support their efforts to provide and develop various types of PhD student care.

 The chosen PhD students can devote themselves to unrestricted, challenging and interdisciplinary research projects, while also being free to change their affiliations and continue receiving support. The program also helps cover students' research and living expenses, and provides career development training. Topics in the latter include international mindset cultivation, interdisciplinary research, transferable skills, internships, and more.

 Each program officer forms a management team to make sure their activities are carried out effectively.



The Chairperson of the Committee of Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation

KASAHARA HironoriProfessor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Waseda University

The Members of the Committee of Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (in alphabetical order)

HASEYAMA Miki Vice Dean/ Professor (Dean)
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Hokkaido University
HASHIMOTO Takako Vice President / Professor
Faculty of Commerce and Economics
Chiba University of Commerce
HAYASHI Takayuki Professor
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
HIBARA Nobuhiko Associate Professor
Waseda Business School
HIBIYA Junko Managing Director
Board of Trustees, School Corporation Sacred Heart Schools
KANNARI Fumihiko Professor Emeritus
Keio University
ONOE Takao Executive Vice President
Osaka University
OSUMI Noriko Professor
Graduate School of Medicine
Tohoku University
SATO Yasuhiro Senior Advisor
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
SHIMADA Keiichiro Executive Alumnus
Sony Group Corporation
SUGIYAMA Naoshi President
Nagoya University